Best Wine Shops In Kerhonkson / New Paltz Area (Plus Where to Buy Natural Wine)

As a health-conscious individual, what I put in my body has become increasingly important to me. Upstate in the Hudson Valley area there are a lot of amazing locally grown food spots. Many of these restaurants highlight locally grown vegetables, grass fed meat, and more. The vineyards have really made a splash over the last few years with natural wines. 

Natural wines are just that… They are natural, typically organic, and biodynamic. While the true definition of “natural” is not regulated, generally the grapes are farmed organically and/or biodynamically, although certification is not required.” Additives are not used including the more than 70-USDA permitted substances that winemakers can add to conventional wine without listing them on the label. In addition, natural wines avoid filtering. 

Here are some local options we suggest:

Wild Arc Wine

Wild Arc is an awesome small farm that is big on natural and no-intervention wine. We picked up a case last time we drove to the Kin-House! For one, the wine is beyond delicious! Their wine is also healthy and as clean as it can get when it comes to natural wines! Todd and Crystal, the owners and winemakers have an awesome story! They have been in central New York most of their adult lives. After finding a farmhouse they loved, the shifted from full time farming to wine-making. If you are in the area, I highly recommend picking up a few bottles or even a case.

Blue Bird Wine Shop is a great store just 15-minutes from the house. The people in the store have a ton of knowledge about the local wines in the area and they have some pretty unique options in the store. I highly recommend popping by if you are looking for a special bottle or something a little funky.

Kingston Wine Co likely has the biggest selection. They are very much an “indie” wine shop with an extensive list of wines. (many of them focusing on organic, non-intervention etc…) If you love wine, this is a worthwhile stop. 

Whitecliff Vineyard is a worthwhile visit. While they are not exclusively focused on non-intervention, it’s worthwhile pit stop on a beautiful day. They are only open June – Oct! 

Here are additional options throughout the area:

In the Hudson Valley, I highly recommend trying the local produce, meats, and alcohol. There is something special about eating and drinking something that was made with love, care, and in its natural form! 

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Best Wine Shops In Kerhonkson / New Paltz Area (Plus Where to Buy Natural Wine)

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