Fresh Produce, Farmers Markets, and Where to Get Groceries To Enhance Your Stay at KinHouse

So… you’ve just booked your weekend at KinHouse and now you decide you want to cook a breakfast, have some awesome snacks, and cook a bomb dinner…

In this post, I will share some of the best places to get fresh produce, farmers markets, and where to get groceries for your stay.

First, you are in the Hudson Valley… there is an abundance of farm fresh food readily available. You can taste it in the fruit, the vegetables, the meat, and the dairy. There truly is a difference.

As a health conscious individual, I love the access in the area that you have to truly some of the freshest in NY State.

Produce // Farmers Market:

There are a lot of places you can get fresh produce. While there are many farms where you can drive up directly, it’s not always as convenient as going to a store that has everything you need. Below are some of my favorite markets and farms that I suggest you consider:

Saunderskill Farm: Saunderskill is a must visit. It’s about 7 minutes from the house and has veges, fruits, meats, dairy, honey, kombucha, fresh coffee, and pre-made food and sweets. You can also get egg sandwiches in the AM. For those into history, this place also has that covered. It has supported 12 generations and originally started in 1663. There is a nice bakery, a greenhouse attached, and during the right seasons you can pick apples, pumpkins, strawberries, and blueberries. I go here every trip to pick up stuff for the weekend and to bring home.

I can taste these fresh berries from here…. Directly from the source at Saunderskill Farms!

Kelder’s Farm: Kelder’s is another great spot. It’s only about 6 minutes from the house and has just about everything Saunderskill has. I recommend stopping by if you are into farms and local produce. It’s also a great spot for a family with kids. While they also have local produce, meat, and veges, they also have over 30 farm attractions depending on what season we are in. There is a petting farm, mini golf, fishing pond, pumpkin canyon, jumping pillow, slides, a corn maze, and much more. Inside the farmer’s market you will find canned goods, pies, locally sourced milk, New York cheeses, jams, honey, maples syrup, pickles, and more!

Apple Cannons at Kelder’s Farm

Accord Market: If I’m going to do some cooking while at KinHouse, Accord Market is my go to. They have local and sustainable food and cover everything… Cheese, vegan options, dairy, milks, vegetables, meats, cold cuts, chips, pastas, jams, honey, nut butters, beer, and desserts. They also have a small area with prepared food as well. This is my personal favorite… however I still suggest you check out the farmer’s markets.

A peak into Accord Market

If you want to go direct to the source…

If you really are into food and farmers markets, I suggest going to a farm directly. There are many in the area and you can simply search, “local farms Kerhonkson” to find some. One farm that I’ve been too which I’ve enjoyed is Old Ford Farms. It seems they really care about their animals and use farming methods that promote long-term health for the land, animals, and environment. You can find their food at the local markets or they have a self-service room in the front. It’s a cool experience and I recommend checking it out.

I picked up fresh chicken liver, eggs, honey, cheese, and raw milk my last stop and loved it all!

My raw milk from Old Ford Farm

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Fresh Produce, Farmers Markets, and Where to Get Groceries To Enhance Your Stay at KinHouse

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